Yellopig Is Free

Or, Recreating A Life From Scratch

Hole #2: The Adventure Begins

I have more critter pictures, but I didn’t want to bore you with them while there is exciting news in excavations around the yard!

Truth: I was getting bored. The digging and sifting of dirt from the tree moat is almost finished. I walked around the stone maze about a hundred times, rearranged it and walked it some more.

20150815-123153.jpgHere’s a fun thing I did last month: the Netroots Nation conference was in Phoenix this year, so I went to that. There were so many interesting seminars & speeches & and stuff to see. Rep. Raúl Grijalva was on our trivia contest team! I skipped the Sheriff Joe Arpaio protest march, but I saw several progressive senators & representatives speak, and went to Bernie Sanders’ evening rally too. It was all pretty neat! 😀

Back at home, the monsoon season started, but the rains mostly curled around my neighborhood and so I didn’t get much wetness here. Lughnasadh came, and a big prickly pear was eaten, representing “first fruits” in a climate where grains are not the totem crop. “Use what you have on hand”; that works fine. And then it was time to start digging the second garden bed. Here are the survey (“before”) pictures:



The stone maze has been picked up and the stones stacked along the far end of the yard (top left in the picture below), in preparation for the big pile of dirt that will be removed from the new bed. Next, measurements were made and the corners of the new bed staked out:



This bed will be slightly bigger than the other one. The first bed was dug before I knew what the dimensions of the fencing would be: multiples of 3′ not 2′. There will be 2′ all around the new bed for walkway, so the bed itself will be more like 5’x8′ rather than 4’x6′ like the first one.

The round black thing on the ground there is a sprinkler head. It will be several inches inside the new bed. I’m hoping I can turn it — really, the plumbing underneath it — into some automatic irrigation for the garden. In the meantime, I have to be careful digging around it so as not to crack the pipe.

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