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The Family Afterward: West Virginia Four Months After The Freedom Industries Chemical Spill

Last year, a physician in Pennsylvania won the right to tell his patients what fracking chemicals they’ve been exposed to and were causing their ailments. The fracking company had wanted him to sign a statement that he would not divulge the chemical mix not because it was poisonous, but because it was a secret, proprietary formula, and the fracking company had to protect itself from other fracking companies. 

Think on that.

The doctor sued, and lost his case, winning only on appeal and as part of a larger suit concerning storage of fracking waste in urban neighborhoods(!).

This story isn’t about fracking per se, but is definitely related. Please read, share, and make noise about it. We can’t continue this way.

Virally Suppressed - Muckraking For The Modern World

“Put a marshmallow on it.” he told her. “I’m telling you, fish love the marshmallows. Helps ’em to see the bait underwater. Normally it’s hard for fish to see bait moving around, but the marshmallow gives ’em something they can fix their eye on and if they’re looking at the marshmallow, then they’re gonna be looking at the bait too. Once they see that bait, the fish can’t help but bite it. I’m telling you, you wrap one of them meal worms around a marshmallow and you’ll have more fish than you know what to do with. Here, let me see that hook a second.”

With one hand the man reached out and grabbed the girl’s fishing line while his other hand dipped down behind the rock he’d been sitting on, pulling out a tin of mealworms and a little jar of what looked like electric pink earplugs. The girl…

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