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Opuntias All Look the Same

It’s not really true, but it seems true.

One of my neighbors has a small planting of various kinds of Opuntia cacti at the end of his driveway, and at some point I should go down there and take pictures to show you how much Opuntias can differ from each other, but today I’m just talking about the ones on my property. Mine are boring, and they all look the same (to my grossly uneducated eye). And there are thousands of them.

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Updates and Miscellany

20131213-200517.jpgSome time back, I mentioned that there was a mystery creature grubbing around on the back patio, knocking things over and making a little ruckus, nightly. That creature did turn out to be a skunk — in particular, a hooded skunk (Mephitis macroura). Since I was just sneaking a peek at it, I didn’t get a picture, and once it found out I was looking at it, it moved on and never came back, so I haven’t had another opportunity to get a picture. So, here’s a picture from Wikipedia. Read more…

Excavations in Progress

Last week I went into town to the hardware store, looking for something to use for a compost bin. I didn’t like anything I saw for that purpose, but while I was there, I bought some stakes and a bit of chicken wire fencing, plus a new trowel since the (cheap plastic) handle broke on the old one. Read more…

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