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Not-So-Wild Flowers from March

I live in what we call a “semi-rural” neighborhood. The roads are all dirt, and it’s very hilly, and cellphone service is still pretty iffy. But we do have our standards, y’know, and most of the houses here have at least some area around them that has been graded flat(-ish) and xeriscaped. Well, OK, my house had a little patch of grass in the backyard, but that’s all over now. The Google satellite photographs don’t show much lawn-type grass for miles around.

The “cultivated” plantings around the house also bloomed in March, and I thought I’d show those too.

I have two or three Paloverde trees that were probably planted on purpose near the house. There may be one or two more in the wilder part of the yard, but they’re less tree-like and more resemble loose, scruffy shrubs.

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That Lush Desert Look

It’s been raining here in Southeastern Arizona, and the yard has taken on its summer greenery, and this is what that looks like:

Yard looking southeast

Yard looking southeast

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