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The Critters of Summer

It doesn’t take long for the summer monsoon weather to get to me. It’s hot, it’s muggy, and a million weeds have taken over the front yard. It’s the “muggy” part that I hate most; I really prefer early June, when it’s hotter but the humidity is almost non-existent.

Out the back windows, where last month I saw a river of rainwater sluicing through the yard, there are now tall grasses — like an instant prairie. Where did all that come from? The white-tailed bucks have moved on, and now I have a single doe who grazes through the yard once or twice a day. I haven’t seen any javalinas for months, but the other ruminants are having a fine feast. Cottontails that, earlier this year, managed to squeeze themselves under the garden fence won’t fit through anymore, and that’s a fine thing. They hadn’t managed to get through the hardware cloth around the garden bed, and the buried chicken wire prevented them going under it (although they tried), so that much was a success.

Here’s a hare that would never have fit in or under the fence:


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Yes, We Do Have Seasons Here

It’s winter here in the Sonoran Desert, and that means that for the last month, it’s been in the 60s and low 70s every day. The skies are blue and cloudless, and the sun weakly does its best to provide plenty of cheer (if not much warmth).

It rained in December, enough to get our 2013 yearly total up to 11.5″, which is near enough to our yearly average (12″), and that’s a good thing. Now we’re deep in the season that local gardeners are calling the “green haze”. This is one of those weird, charming seasons in southern Arizona that somehow doesn’t make it into the photography magazines. And it should, because it’s so magical.

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