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2015 Year-End Hole Pictures

Big sigh here. WordPress isn’t taking my photos lately, so I had to arrange for an alternate storage location. Much of the problem is probably due to poor rural Internet service, although WP is trying to make me buy a new computer too, so there’s that…

Anyway, here are the big year-end pictures of my lovely second garden bed! So yay.

Photobucket Photos

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Excavations in Progress

Last week I went into town to the hardware store, looking for something to use for a compost bin. I didn’t like anything I saw for that purpose, but while I was there, I bought some stakes and a bit of chicken wire fencing, plus a new trowel since the (cheap plastic) handle broke on the old one. Read more…

More Good News About Dirt

So the next section in the Arizona Master Gardner manual is all about caliche, the local name for the limestone that’s so common here, just below the surface. Caliche is probably the reason that the southern two-thirds of my house is 10″ higher than the northern third. The little steps in two doorways makes it seem like I have a sunken living room, and that’s an interesting minor architectural feature of the house. But I’m pretty sure that the drop-off there is a result of the fact that the builder didn’t want to have to blast out a bunch of rock on the south end (or truck in enough concrete to support the north end). Read more…

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