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‘Tis the Season


Desert mistletoe (Phoradendron californicum) growing on a Chilean mesquite tree in my front yard. I took this picture only 2 days ago. When I showed it to a plant-nerd friend, he said it was weird, because it’s completely off-cycle. Like by six months!

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Garden Update — August/September 2014

Hurricane Odile just sent me my first squall, so there won’t be any garden action for a couple of days. In the meantime, let me show you what’s been going on out there.


So here you see wax beans at the lower right, green beans in the middle, a pepper plant at the very bottom, three caged tomatoes at the left, then sunflowers and cucumbers just outside the tomato cages.

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Garden Update — June 2014

OK, confession time. I’ve been distracting you with all those flowers. Meanwhile, a battle has been raging in the backyard.

When last you saw the garden, there was a neat row of spinach, a messy row of lettuce and three baby potato plants. It was all looking so good.20140329-205731.jpg
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February Wildflowers

— Or — Small, Smaller, Smallest

You have to look pretty quick to catch the spring blooms here, and every month has a new and different crop. So let me show you what beauties I found last month.

First, one of the Fairy Dusters (Calliandra eriophylla):

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February Sennas

I have three senna bushes, and they bloom in early spring, meaning the end of January through February. Now at the beginning of March, they are setting seeds.

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Blooming Barrels

It looks like the pictures are getting away from me. So here’s a group of barrel cactus photos. Read more…

That Lush Desert Look

It’s been raining here in Southeastern Arizona, and the yard has taken on its summer greenery, and this is what that looks like:

Yard looking southeast

Yard looking southeast

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Day 2

The garden has floated to the top of the to-do list, probably because it’s going to be a hellish lot of work before any noticeable result comes of it. Samhain next year? Maybe, but I have to really get moving now. Even so, I’m not making any promises or plans or taking orders for my organic produce — no, none of that. The garden will happen in its own time. Read more…

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