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2015 Year-End Hole Pictures

Big sigh here. WordPress isn’t taking my photos lately, so I had to arrange for an alternate storage location. Much of the problem is probably due to poor rural Internet service, although WP is trying to make me buy a new computer too, so there’s that…

Anyway, here are the big year-end pictures of my lovely second garden bed! So yay.

Photobucket Photos

This is the fifth layer of dirt off (for those of us keeping score), and the hole is about 6″ deep now (more or less), which is only 25% done. I had hoped to be finished with this hole by now. In the picture, you can just see the tomatoes at the left edge: they survived that first frost (in mid-November), but not the one that followed. Oh well, they had a good run.

You can also see that one of the two big rocks at the southeast corner came out, the other is still being assessed for size. And the irrigation pipe does slope downward towards the north (upper left) end of the bed, to align with the two other sprinkler heads farther out in the yard. On the next pass, it will be uncovered end-to-end, and then I’ll think about cutting and capping it off.

When the sun is this low, the shadows are deep and the details in the pictures are poor. So here’s the view from the other end.

Photobucket Photos

And of course, the big pile o’ dirt. 13 cartloads represented here:

Photobucket Photos

Feeling ambitious in mid-November, I started chipping out the next layer, hoping to squeeze it in before it rained again. Here’s what it looked like then:

Photobucket Photos

All those round clumps are mostly dirt; the soil isn’t quite that rocky here, but it was damp when I chipped it. For this layer I’ll save up the rocks separately from the main rock pile, so I can see just now many I’m getting typically. And I’m still trying to tell how big that lump of caliche is in that corner. You know how it is with rocks: you just never know how big they really are until you can see the bottom. If it looks like it extends some ways beyond the edge of the hole, I might just have to leave it there. I don’t want to undermine the walkway around the edge.

Unfortunately, that’s as far as I got with the digging. There followed a lovely week in the mid-70°s with sunshine and warm enough to play in the dirt, but something else got in the way, and then it got cold and rainy again.

Somewhere up in the sky, above all the cold and gray and wet, the day is 9 minutes longer than it was three weeks ago. Summer is coming.

Happy New Year!


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7 thoughts on “2015 Year-End Hole Pictures

  1. Happy New Year to you, too.

    About the storing of photos/pictures on WP versus storing somewhere else, I suggest using for storage then copying the embed coding, taking out the line of “script” as WP doesn’t allow scripts.

    Definitely do not pay WP for additional storage when you can store your photos on Flickr with a free account. Plus, there is a great community of photographers on Flickr.

    Also if you are ever in need of photos, Flickr has free Creative Commons photos to choose from.

    • I like Flickr, I really do, but they also really, really, really want me to buy a new computer. I can upload pictures, even email them to my page there, but they all end up in a big lump & the mobile apps won’t let me organize them into “sets” (albums).

      These pictures are in Photobucket; I don’t know if this is a permanent solution. Still playing with Flickr…

      • I use the Flickr Uploader and can add photos to a previous album/set or make a new one right when I’m uploading the pics. After they are uploaded I use the Organizer to add tags, etc.

        • Heh, yes, I can do all that, but it involves three different computing devices, plus the camera, and two different flavors of Internet service.

          I guess it’s time to buy a new computer. 😞

          • Wow, sounds rather complicated. Not even sure how one would use 2 different Internet connections on one computer. Sounds expensive.

          • Unfortunately, my main computer is an iPad 1, with the cheapest Internet: unlimited bytes at 3G speed (when the AT&T god smiles upon me) for $30/mo. The iPad is almost 6 yrs old, but Apple hasn’t upgraded the software for HTML 5, so capabilities are falling off fast. And now, the battery’s dying, so that’s the computer to be replaced. But I’ll be really sorry to lose that Internet deal.

          • If you do get a new one, ask AT&T for the same deal since you are a returning/existing customer. I have the same plan for my cell phone since I first had one, although have had to replace a few phones in the last almost 20 yrs., also with AT&T.

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