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And It’s Still Raining

When I was very small and had not learned to count that far (not to mention being entirely clueless about the weather), it seemed possible that having rain for forty days and forty nights might actually cause a world-wide flood. That turns out not to be possible after all, especially not with the kind of slow drizzle that counts for rain in most places in the world. And besides, forty days and forty nights is a bit less than a month and a half, so also not all that long. I read recently that to move enough water in only a month and a half to actually flood the world would require something like the capacity of firehoses packed together from horizon to horizon in all directions. Yes, here I am, actually spreading the urban legend of alien space firehoses; Pass it on! These things have to start somewhere, and my version is every bit as believable as that other one. Or rather, those other ones, plural.

A little rain adds up though, even if it’s not exactly a world-engulfing flood. I continue to be astounded by the fact that one inch of rain over one acre of land adds up to about 27 thousand gallons of water. Times 14 inches per year, times 6.5 acres… that’s like 2.5 million gallons of water! I’m rich!

These little arithmetic calculations are just me trying to keep myself occupied while it rains. There can be no digging in the garden bed while it looks like this:


If you zoom in on the upper right corner of that puddle, you can see an instance of the classic “raindrop rebound” image. If the lighting & focus were better, that would have made a great picture. Yeah, that’s pretty much true of any picture, isn’t it? Moving on…

Having noted where the high spots in the tree moat are after the 4.5″ deluge the other week, I spent one morning chipping out the near third of the moat. In vain, alas, since it rained again that very afternoon.


I had just moved a load of dirt out of there. The universe, observing how stubborn I was in continuing excavations despite being surrounded by rain, finally found something that would stop the digging cold: my garden cart got a flat tire, necessitating a future expedition into civilization. Oh well, maybe next week…

The official monsoon ends on Tuesday, 09/15. Only a couple more days, and then the forecast is clear for a week. Just now, the wind is picking up, and I hear thunder.

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2 thoughts on “And It’s Still Raining

  1. It’s so weird to be getting that much rain in the desert. Up here in Oregon, our summers are getting hotter and drier. And if you read about the wildfires in Northern California, it’s scary.
    We are forecast for rain mid week. I hope it actually happens, because things are so dry here.
    Good luck with your garden area. If southern AZ would learn to share a little, we’d all be better off. 😄

    • LOL! We’re almost done with the rain (I hope), and you can definitely have it back!

      The fires really are scary though. If we’re not going to do anything about our atmospheric issues, we at least need to get a lot smarter about water management.

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