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WordPress Changes – Your Poll #1 – Herded ?

For those of you affected by the new WordPress “enhancements”, plz add your vote & thoughts to GrahamInHats’ post. He may be able to help us. More voices may get TPTB to listen.

For others, please excuse the meta. The WordPress blogging interface is being changed, and mostly for the worse and with much consternation amongst the small bloggers (such as myself), and without “consent of the governed”. I’d like to keep this blog going, and the changes will make that cumbersome. More than the “stats” page is involved…

Freed From Time

Duck back 2This is your opportunity to vote on the recent changes to WordPress and there are two vital reasons to do so.

Firstly, the survey is unlikely to be published, so this is your opportunity to be heard. Secondly, by ourselves it is unlikely that we can bring about improvement but, investors and allied businesses do not like management that alienates it’s customers and fails in new endeavours.  They can make a difference.

Our endeavour is to rescue WP, for desktop users and for the new mobile market.

Workarounds are here , more articles are here and, for surety, you might wish to note my standby blog:-

The subjects for these polls will include: Herded ?,  Democratized Blogging,  Transparency,  The New Interface Failures,   Misleading Claims,  Censorship,  Privacy/Security and Management.  Each will have a Link when available and I will post every couple of days.  So if you don’t…

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One thought on “WordPress Changes – Your Poll #1 – Herded ?

  1. Geena on said:

    Well this stinks. I have been planning to start a blog on WP because it (had been) so easy to use. Now I may rethink that option.

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