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Gift of the Winter Monsoon

It was winter last week: cold, gray days with the sporadic dripping that counts for rain in this neighborhood. It rained like that on and off for several days, and I think our 2014 total is up to a quarter-inch now! LOL, sounds good to me, but then I see it written down and it looks kinda pathetic, doesn’t it?

Often in the winter, the clouds close in all around so that it looks like my yard is the only thing, the only place that exists in the universe, wrapped in a gray, woolly cocoon. Then the cloud lifts up a bit and I can see snow on the mountain. I like to see snow on the mountain, because that means there will be water available next season.

Late in the day (and it often seems to happen on days like that) the sun makes a brief but spectacular appearance between the low clouds and the horizon. And so, on one such day as evening approached, I glanced out the window and saw this:


The low angle of the sun together with the rain in the valley north of my house combined to make this wonderful effect.


It lasted a few minutes, long enough to grab my camera & change the lens, for which I was so grateful. I have resized the pictures, but otherwise, this is exactly what it looked like. Here’s just one more:


I’d never seen anything like it, and wouldn’t even have guessed that this could happen. There are houses up there, but their occupants probably didn’t know that they were right in the middle of something really quite magical.

Then again maybe we all are, when viewed from just the right angle and at just the right moment.

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5 thoughts on “Gift of the Winter Monsoon

  1. solarbeez on said:

    I’ve never seen the rainbow colors like that parallel to the ground. I think you really have something unique. Nice shots.
    Seeing those photos of the trees in the desert made me really miss them.

    Footnote: I’m thinking you ought to tag those with something like “Ground rainbow” or “low rainbow” or “Looking down at a rainbow.”

    • Thanks! I was just so glad it lasted long enough to get the camera out.

      And thanks for the suggestion; I added a tag. I’m not so good with tagging & thinking about what people might search for.

      • solarbeez on said:

        Have you considered a project like Tree Following? I’m trying it for the first time. I caught the excitement from this blog…
        It would be fun to watch one of your desert trees develop through the year. Think about it.
        Pat aka solarbeez

        • What a neat idea! Sadly, after last year that seemed so dry, many of my trees look so stressed, and over the last 12 years I’ve lost at least two of them. I’d hate to post pictures over a year of a tree that dies in the end!

          On the other hand, I’m starting a rescue of one of my sad-looking trees, and I was planning a series of posts on that effort anyway. So that should count as Tree Following I think!

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