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Self-Sufficient Plants: My Favorites!

Aside from the cacti, there are a few other plants in the “landscaped” part of my yard. The previous owner had installed irrigation for them, with big drippers for the trees and little drippers for the flowers and sprayers for the backyard grass. There are valves in various places around the house, and a timer for them all in the garage. I kept a supply of dripper heads for those occasions when the heads would fall off or get chewed off by the javelinas (a monthly occurrence). Eventually, the sprayers for the grass became monsters that wouldn’t turn off, and they blew their tops and took all the water, no matter where the controller in the garage wanted the water to go. At which point, I called for help.

I’m going to skip that part, because it did not go well.

At some point soon after that, I decided that watering ornamental plants (and yes, a lawn is in that category) is an unnecessary indulgence here in the desert, and so the irrigation was discontinued. Some plants died, and that was very sad. But other plants have survived, and those plants are my all stars!

I have a couple of sennas in the front yard that aren’t doing anything spectacular this year. They had a tough winter (It snowed! TWO TIMES!), but they’re strong and I hope I’ll have pictures next year of their wonderful flowers.

But my favorites are the red bird of paradise bushes. Every January I cut them down to 6-8″ and then by the monsoon season (July), they’ve grown back up into bushes, ready to put on a show. Well, as I said, it was a rough winter and then the monsoon was a bit late, so this is what they looked like just 3 weeks ago.



The suspense was killing me, waiting for them to bloom!


And then it started raining. Finally!

Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)

Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)



Bonus: accidental critter!

Bonus: accidental critter!


Just one more…


Every year, I can’t wait for these to bloom. So pretty!

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2 thoughts on “Self-Sufficient Plants: My Favorites!

    • Thanks! These are such pretty flowers. I have four of these bushes around the yard, and I’m so glad every year to see them.
      All of these blooms turn into seed pods, and later I’ll have to go and pick up all of the new “volunteers” or else they’ll just take over!
      (And I’m having _way_ too much fun with my camera lately.)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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